Friday, August 28, 2009


Took a week long break from Twitter and Facebook.... I am now feeling refreshed. The week long break allowed for some rest and relaxation and also gave me time to finish reading my copy of America Libre (more to come on that!). In coming back to the grind of things, I see that LaTISM is in full swing along with piraguas ( I'll have one!). What has me curious is... what is inside? Can't wait for my friend to share this with all of us. The look here is absolutely fascinating....kudos are in order!! I left off last week with a fascinating interview and would like to thank all who either tweeted or mentioned (here and here ... just a sample) on their respective sites. Gracias!! This is what latinos in social media is all about...sharing in a world that is interconnected. Que bueno es! Something very important that needs immediate attention is 'Save El Maestro'. Please, help this institution stay alive. Honorable mention is in order here to Hissip for providing links to my corner of the blogosphere several times.. yes, I noticed and mil gracias! Now a question...can overthinking everything really become a problem? Hmm?

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