Friday, November 9, 2012

Puerto Rico: The little Engine That Could But...

Puerto Rican politics can be very complicated business. You can sit at the dinner table with family and there will be someone for statehood, another for commonwealth and yet another for independence.  The myriad of reasons for each is enough to make for a complex algorithm. There is never an easy answer.

The most recent plebiscite (the fourth since 1967) proves that, Puerto Ricans, are still very divided when it comes to their future. Along these lines, there is no need to explain their current political status. That's been done plenty of times. Truth is, just like a Californian or New Yorker that knows very little about each others politics to even be concerned, such is the case with Puerto Rico. Who in the U.S. really took notice of that small island, with a population of nearly four million, and its plebiscite vote?

The important thing to understand is that the U.S. Congress has no obligation to address this plebiscite. Up at the Hill there are barriers already set in place, as the machinations are in motion to ignore all the hoopla in Puerto Rico over this. As is always the case, Washington will merely nod its head in acknowledgement of the plebiscite while continuing to ignore the peoples right to self determination in the world's oldest colony.

At the end of the day, nothing is resolved for the plebiscite is merely a reflection of the algorithm and indecisiveness of a dependent people. Like the little engine that could, Puerto Rico keeps chugging along without a station in sight.