Friday, October 28, 2011

Luisa Capetillo: Art/Agitation/Anarchy! by (Not4)Prophet

Luisa Capetillo: Art/Agitation/Anarchy!

by (Not4)Prophet

“When there is no longer the need to steal a roll of bread, for lack of food; when private property no longer exists and we all begin to view each other as brothers and sisters, then and only then will the prisons and useless, destructive churches disappear. Misery, hate and prostitution will cease to exist. Free trade will exist because all frontiers and borders will be abolished and then true liberty will reign on this planet” – Luisa Capetillo

"I believe nothing to be impossible; nor do i absorb myself in any particular moment or new discovery. For that reason I find no idea to be utopian. The essential thing is to put each idea into practice. To Begin!" - Luisa Capetillo

"The institution of slavery no longer exists, but as long as there are masters, there will be slaves" - Luisa Capetillo

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Columbus Standing Tall...Affirms Ignorance

The years pass and the stories of his travels and discoveries are fed into our minds as those that we should continue to celebrate. Our educational system as faulted us and continues to do so in the telling of Christopher Columbus' story. We should continuously be asking ourselves not only of his supposed discoveries but of his transgressions toward the indigenous people once he settled beyond their shores with an offer of false friendships. In a society that champions the freedoms of nations across the globe it should be of no surprise to know it hypocrisy. One of its hypocrisies lies not too far from its own shores. That hypocrisy is in the form of a colony called a commonwealth to disguise the truth that befell it back in 1898.

It is quite puzzling, the level of ignorance, that a colonized people have been so cleverly misguided to believe that a man's supposed discovery should be so celebrated. We can sit and argue whether this was a discovery or not. The focus here isn't about discovery but rather the celebratory nature by which we approach the life of a man based on those highlights that praise his life. The truths omitted would make any civil human being cringe and quickly change views. Realistically, his supposed discovery was a premise to the near extinction of indigenous societies. For this reason, Columbus initial voyages can be viewed more like a surveillance process.

Again, it is then safe to say that history is told from the viewpoint of the conqueror. Was there little or no history prior to Columbus voyages to these lands inhabited by the indigenous? Well, there obviously was. The problem isn't necessarily in the teachings of history but rather the omissions of negative truths and the addition of text that makes what is taught so outstanding. 

Photo: FoxNewsLatino
A statue of Christopher Columbus has been making a voyage since roughly 1994. This statue, created by Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli and selected by President George H. W. Bush in 1990, was created to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus' arrival in the Western Hemisphere. It has made its way through Florida, New York, Ohio, Maryland and finally Mayagüez, Puerto Rico (where it sits in a warehouse awaiting to be erected in Arecibo). Once again, Columbus shall rise in the very land he arrived on back in 1493.

Indeed, if it were up to history, it would say otherwise.

From History to Statue

For the record, a discovery is defined as that which one gets knowledge of, learns of or gains sight of such as something previously unseen¹. Hence, Columbus did gain sight of that which HE had previously unseen, at the same time, to say Columbus discovered America is in itself saying that history is indeed one-sided. Thus, the lands Columbus' supposedly discovered were very well know to the indigenous people of that time, the real discoverers.

“History is written by the victors.” -Winston Churchill


Saturday, October 1, 2011


Occupy Wall Street, occupy, occupy and continue to occupy. What shall we occupy next? Let's face the truth while we are still firmly grounded, while those who can head off to work, do so, oblivious to what is going on around them, for the mere peanuts earned. While that is still enough to satisfy a hungry belly, it is only a matter of time before the peanuts become less and less. Complacent with what little they have and with being pissed on by America's corporate bigwigs. The very same bigwigs that laugh, enjoy their lavish surroundings, million dollar clubs and million dollar homes.

Is it just a fad? Is everyone, just merely, jumping on the bandwagon to create a stir? Or are people starting to really get fed up with the greed that is ever so present in our daily lives? Government officials continue to fail those that maintain the big machine. America is no longer a democracy nor a republic but a country that is essentially run by corporations with government officials as their representatives.

From the internal to the external policies, America is at the edge of crisis. With government expenses that ballooned to $121 million on conferences in fiscal 2008 and 2009 to bailed-out Bank of America's (U.S. taxpayer bailout) announcement about charging a monthly fee for the use of debit cards for purchases to their unfair foreclosure practices, we have to ask, "when is enough..enough?" Personal salaries remain stagnant and the hands of corporate America continue to make their way into our pockets and purses.

Some things become more apparent as time goes on. Its evident that corporate America and American politics are sleeping together. What we need now is to #OccupyAmerica and demand that Congress get its act together, take the leading role away from the corporations and begin to fight for what is right. That they begin to fight for the people. That fight needs to include the 4 million residents of the colony of Puerto Rico.