Sunday, May 22, 2011

Immortal...on Bin Laden...

“The Legacy of Bin Laden” by Immortal Technique @ Viper Records

.....Never let the pride of where you come from ever let you forget that your neck was made in such a shape as to bend so low that your master may walk over you. The sad reality that befalls your homeland engulfs every aspect of supposed liberty. And though membership has its privileges, most of them will only be enjoyed by the upper 1% of the nation’s ruling elite that usually is closely affiliated with the colonial power that once existed..... -Immortal Technique

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's the Hype that Some Believe...

Scantily clad in the annuls of history awaiting those who seek knowledge is the true story of an island nation. What fear lurks from gaining this knowledge is not from learning the truth but of accepting it as ones own. The invading forces in 1898, while welcome by some, would only be the preclude to what was to come and what was to threaten the very fabric of a society. This is the reality that many have stood up against over time. Some have sauntered quietly while others have committed themselves to action. Heroes and heroines to some and gravely misunderstood (for want to ignore the truth) by the those whose mental state has been saturated by false dreams. The heroes and heroines committed themselves to action whilst knowing the repercussions would be grave, yet, for the love of their nation they would give of themselves.

The idea that there is only one direction on the road to improvement only serves to show the absurdity of those who wish to push their agenda. It has been said many times over, " you are not from here, you don't know what it's like". With that said, considering those words as told from an islander to a someone living stateside. That same individual/s need only look in the mirror and say the same to him/herself when speaking in regards to the American Union. Look beyond the glamorous picturesque views of well lit cities and towns and take a tour of real inner city life. It would be but a mere reflection of the the life you live within your own motherland.

America is merely the land of the rich and the poor. The so called middle class is merely an extension of the poor sitting on top of the poor heap on the rich/poor scale. To think that riches will come with a desire to be part of said union is to think that there is no black and white. Colorblindness in America only exists within children who are too young to have learned the color scheme. Once learned they become a part of America in which many walk with blindfolds.

All told...Don't Believe the Hype (P.E)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GRAMMY PROTEST Press Conference

Please pass along to any musicians or anyone who may be interested in this.
Elena Martínez
City Lore, Folklorist
212-529-1955 x306
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. -- Plato

May 9, 2011
Phone: 917.539.4647

The world-famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, N.Y., will host a press conference by artists, presenters, celebrities and media to voice opposition to the recent announcement by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) to eliminate Latin Jazz from Grammy consideration along with many other styles of music which represent the musical diversity of the American  musical landscape.

Sunday, May 22, 2011 -- 1 PM
Nuyorican Poets Cafe
236 East 3rd Street
between Avenues B & C
New York City
(212) 780.9386

There will be brief statements presented in support of the reinstatement of the eliminated fields followed by Q&A. Among the distinguished panel of presenters and others from the various musical communities affected by this decision will be:
  •  Eddie Palmieri- Legendary pianist, 8-time Grammy winner and former NARAS Board of Governors member, responsible for getting Latin jazz recognized as a category

  • Larry Harlow- Legendary Salsa pianist/bandleader, former NARAS Board of Governors member, responsible for getting Salsa recognized as a category, 3-time Grammy nominee

  • Arturo O'Farrill- Grammy winner, pianist, bandleader, educator
  • Bobby Sanabria- Drummer, percussionist, bandleader, educator, 4-time Grammy nominee, May 22nd press-conference moderator
  • René Lopez- Grammy-winning producer, Latin-music historian, advisor to Jazz at Lincoln Center
  • Candido Camero- Legendary conguero, NEA Jazz Master
  • Ned Sublette- N.Y. Times bestselling author of Cuba and Its Music: From The First Drums to the Mamboand New Orleans: After The Flood; President, QBA Disc Records
  • T.J. English- N.Y.Times bestselling author of The Westies, Havana Nocturne, The Savage City;
  • Chris Washburne- Trombonist, Professor of Ethnomusioclogy at Columbia University, Director of Jazz Studies
  • Jochem Becher- President of ZOHO Records
  • Ivan Acosta– Award-winning film maker, President of Latin Jazz U.S.A., NARAS Committee Member Latin Music
  • Randy Klein- President of Jazzheads Records, pianist, composer, 4-time EMMY winner
  • Jackie Harris – Executive Director, Louis Armstrong Jazz Camp; New Orleans, Louisiana.
And More….

The ill-advised April 6th announcement by NARAS to cut thirty-one categories from the celebrated Grammy awards has been met withshock and loud protests nationally and internationally. Latin Jazz,
Contemporary Jazz, Cajun, Zydeco, Hawaiian, Polka, Traditional World, and certain gospel, Blues, R&B, and Mexican categories, among others, have all been unceremoniously erased. At various regional chapter meetings, NARAS has defended the cuts as being fair and well thought out, although they were made behind closed doors with no input from the membership nor from the respective boards of governors of the regional chapters. This action clearly caters to the established pop and commercial styles that have always dominated the Awards and the controversial annual TV show.
As the grassroots movement from the public sector is going viral, and the unrest and distrust from within the NARAS membership has skyrocketed from coast to coast, NARAS' stock responses have done little to quell the ground spring of questions about their motives. The May 22nd press conference follows one on May 9th at Yoshi's in Oakland, CA, where considerable opposition to  his unprecedented decision, as culturally insensitive and non-supportive of musical diversity, was made by leading musicians including 5X Grammy nominee, John Santos; Grammy-nominated vocalist, Sandy Cressman; members of the Carlos Santana band; Grammy-nominated trombonist, Wayne Wallace; Randall Kline, Head of the SF Jazz Fest; Peter Williams of Yoshi's and more.

For related background info, articles,
letters to and from NARAS,
growing petition with more than 2500
signatures, etc., please visit


Friday, May 6, 2011

The Real Threat

Where do we go from here? Osama Bin Laden is supposedly gone. For the moment there is justice in the hearts of many. The cheering crowds were caught and plastered all over the news. Where some cheer, some see the death of a man and others question whether there is political motive. The cheers are only awashed with the feeling that all is better now. That Osama somehow invented terrorism and that it died with him. There will always be disdain towards the American Empire so long as it continues to meddle in others affairs (US meddled in 50 nations over 130 times in 121 years). The empire always finds reason to plant itself somewhere where it isn't necessarily wanted. It was, after all, the invisible weapons of mass destruction that lead to the invasion of Iraq. Every word said then made it seem fine to some. It has always been the "excuse" factor applied to some type of national security.

In all, where does the island nation of Puerto Rico fit? Who on the island nation shared some patriotic glimmer of hope with the death of Osama? Statehooders? Was Osama and others that harbor hate towards the American Empire a threat to Puerto Rico? The real threat has always been and continues to be colonialism. Puerto Rico serves merely as a portal for the likes of the Osamas' of the world.

If the glimmer of hope is in following in the attitudes of the celebratory crowd then there is no hope. There is unemployment, poor social services, mental dependency and a sense of wanting to be a part of something bigger. Is Statehood the real answer? In the end, the fundamental problems will remain and the shout will be, "I told you so"! And then what?