Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cibolero...A Novel by Kermit Lopez

Book Summary:
Cibolero, the new novel by Kermit Lopez, is a tale of sorrow and terror, hope and triumph, set in 1800’s New Mexico. Antonio Baca, a former “Cibolero” or buffalo hunter, pursues his daughter’s kidnappers in Post-Civil War era New Mexico and Texas. “Cibolero” is a fictionalized account of the Hispanic experience before and after the conquest of the Southwest by the United States.

On one level, Cibolero is an action-oriented adventure tale as Antonio Baca sets out to rescue his daughter from an invading band of Texas Rangers using his skills as a Cibolero hunter.

On another level, Cibolero deals with racism, ethnicity and society in the “old West” and the historical ties of large parts of the present western United States to Mexico and Spain. Cibolero is a fictionalized account of a true but overlooked part of U.S. history

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    Author Bio:
    Kermit Lopez wrote “Cibolero” after researching his family ancestry, which spans four hundred years of New Mexico history. He received electrical engineering and law degrees from the University of New Mexico and lives with his wife and son in Albuquerque. Mr. Lopez is also the author of the novel The Prodigy.

    Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to get an article from or an interview with the author. I was, however, able to read the book and can provide a quick review....
    As the story unfolds one is taken back to a time in history of American intrusion in the west. There are no hero cowboys as the real hero is retired Cibolero (buffalo hunter), Antonia Baca. The author takes one on a fictionalized journey incorporating action and suspense into American history as told through the eyes of Antonio. A story of a man who is forced to once again revisit his past, to hunt not for the buffalo he once did but for the kidnappers of his daughter.

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  1. Thank you Efrain for this great post. I appreciate the support you give this author and this book.
    Jo Ann Hernandez
    BronzeWord Latino Authors

  2. Efrain, thanks for taking the time to post this information about Cibolero! - Kermit Lopez