Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Show of Support and Solidarity for Puerto Rican Independence

He is a writer, novelist and essayist widely known in Latin America. Carlos Fuentes, in a recent interview with the newspaper El Vocero, expressed his support and solidarity for the independence of Puerto Rico. His words are joined with those of other well respected and notable Latin American writers whom have also expressed the same. These include: Gabriel García Márquez, Ernesto Sábato, Mario Benedetti, Eduardo Galeano, Carlos Monsiváis, Frai Betto, Leonardo Boff, Thiago of Mello, Pablo Armando Fernández, Jorge Enrique Adoum.

“Reiteramos ante el mundo nuestra solidaridad y apoyo a la causa de la Independencia de Puerto Rico, reclamo histórico y de principios de nuestra América. América Latina y el Caribe no serán verdaderamente independientes hasta que todas sus naciones lo sean”. -From LaRepublicaPR

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  1. Wow, I didn't know so many well-known Latin American writers supported the independence of PR. I we in the island think people don't follow our stories. Thanks for sharing this, Efraín.