Friday, October 1, 2010

No Apologies, We don't Live in a Vacuum

For those who stop in on a regular basis, I thank you. You have an idea of where I stand on issues related to Puerto Rico and it political dilemma. I will not make any apologies.
As a blogger, I am well aware that this is a medium that can reach many so I am always prepared to respond to comments (one should be). Should I respond to all? Not necessarily, especially if the context is too demeaning. I have that choice here.

This is not about that is more about the following is for all to watch and consider what is happening in America. Whether small or not, it is there. The growing white supremacist movement (the most dangerous domestic terrorism threat in the United States-DOJ)... the real chant in this video, "no n**gers, no Jews, the Mexicans must go too"..... a little something for my pro-statehooders to think about... Get out of your colonial mentality, we don't live in a vacuum..

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