Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Poem by Alberto O. Cappas

This comes via Puerto Rico and the American Dream...

A new poem to address the ignorance of our inner city youth in 2011!
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Let us start this year by addressing the word and the pants of our youth:

Please don’t confuse me with a nigger!

Please don’t confuse me with a nigger!

I’m a Black Man; I’m a proud African American;

I’m a Latino; I’m a proud Puerto Rican!

I plan to pursue an appropriate education based on my goals;

As I read years ago, Education is the passport to the future, for

Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Please don’t confuse me with a nigger!

Beware of negative images and values,

For what so ever you sow, so shall you reap!

As I learned years ago from a man who reached the mountain top,

I know that today we are not judged by the color of the skin,

But by the content of the character that one displays.

I wear my clothes appropriately, especially my pants,

Let us not be compared!

Please don’t confuse me with a nigger!

Black Men love their women with their heart;

Niggers love women for their bodies;

Black Men use money as an instrument to advance the race;

Niggers use money as a weapon to destroy the youth of the race.

Please don’t confuse me with a nigger!

A nigger comes in all colors;

Take the time and discover the word in the books of history,

And not on the streets of ignorance!

Please, please!

My love ones are my friends, my brothers and my sisters;

They are not my niggers!

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