Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stop the Buffoonery!

It is almost as clear as day that if there were any possibility there would be an advertisement in the local newspaper classified stating, "Island for Sale..Cheap". Indeed, the details would be vague, but for the price, who cares? It would be available to do whatever the buyer wants to with it. Alongside the ad would be a picture of people happily waving American flags and offering the shirts off their backs (Photoshop does wonders!). The number you dial would connect you to a representative of the Governor of Puerto Rico.

It has been said over and over again many times, "Puerto Rico, no se vende".  Puerto Rico Governor, Luis G. Fortuño, could possibly be the poster boy of deaf ears. The Republican wanna-be pretty boy sure knows how to spend plenty of time on his knees. While he questioned Barack Obama's ability to handle the U.S. Presidency during his campaign for president, he now bows down so low he can kiss his toes. He is as excited about Obama's Puerto Rico visit as a boy getting a shiny new bicycle. This is all part of the good old, 'I am as American as you, pretty please let me be a member of you union mentality'. The mentality which has befallen many in the dependency yoke surrounding the island. This visit does one thing for sure, it puts Florida in the bag for Obama.

In reality, Fotuño's politics have really failed the people he is supposed to represent. His governorship has been more a rule than a representation. It was evident when he laid off thousands, evident when handling the UPR strike, evident in the treatment of striking students and supporters, evident when it comes to privatizations and evident now with the misnomered proposed gas pipeline project, "Via Verde"(Green Way). With this, Fortuño has once again shown his arrogance by going so far as to award contracting for preliminary research before even proposing the pipeline project. Hmmm? Questionable? Indeed! Fortuño is as typical as any politician can be, to subliminally convince the population that it is a positive thing to destroy the natural beauty of the island. Or is it really subliminally? It's either his way or the else.

The latest nonsense to come through the grapevine is, "THAT Republicans could seek to attract new voters from the growing Hispanic population by choosing Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuno as the party's vice presidential candidate." *Note headline #6. And notice the surname, it's Fortuno, not Fortuño (n stressed). Buffoonery!!


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