Friday, October 28, 2011

Luisa Capetillo: Art/Agitation/Anarchy! by (Not4)Prophet

Luisa Capetillo: Art/Agitation/Anarchy!

by (Not4)Prophet

“When there is no longer the need to steal a roll of bread, for lack of food; when private property no longer exists and we all begin to view each other as brothers and sisters, then and only then will the prisons and useless, destructive churches disappear. Misery, hate and prostitution will cease to exist. Free trade will exist because all frontiers and borders will be abolished and then true liberty will reign on this planet” – Luisa Capetillo

"I believe nothing to be impossible; nor do i absorb myself in any particular moment or new discovery. For that reason I find no idea to be utopian. The essential thing is to put each idea into practice. To Begin!" - Luisa Capetillo

"The institution of slavery no longer exists, but as long as there are masters, there will be slaves" - Luisa Capetillo

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