Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some Days this all feels........

Some days this all feels as if it is beginning to wither away. As if it is becoming a thing of the past. Do I question my inner self? Is it that I'm feeling less Puerto Rican today than I did yesterday? Is that desire to share my opinion, culture and history taking a back seat to the beckoning call of this pack rat society vested in keeping up with the  Joneses? Is my desire to convey my opinion, culture and history falling on deaf ears? So many questions that wander in the inner being and begin to nibble at its very core.

As I look back to a time when I questioned self, I realize that the very answers to my questions lie within myself. There isn't a two way street here but rather different paths to take. I realize that the questions only arise when I take a break on the side of the road. That the questions are merely the fuel needed to continue on.

I have chosen my path, I shall embrace it, build upon it and continue on my journey...

 I seek only to shed the old

Say goodbye to a last sunset

Wipe the dirt off my shoulder

Cheer on a new beginning

Improve on stagnant words

Prepare for a new sun on the horizon

and dig deep for words I yearn...

© Efrain Ortiz Sanchez

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