Saturday, February 11, 2012

La Fortaleza that Luis Built has Blinders

What is there that can't be understood about the Puerto Rico status issue? I believed that even the most educated have their blind sides and the Governor of Puerto Rico, Luis G. Fortuño, has proven that time and time again. As of late, he is quoted as saying,

 Translation: "I want Puerto Rico to eventually be a state but it doesn't bother me if it remains a territory for a while, that, I call statesman on layaway" 

Unfortunately, his statement proves that a colonized mind will remand itself to such low levels to please the colonizer. It's as if he has spent far too much time living in a void between what is real and what is not.

Where was Fortuño when Republican candidate Newt Gingrich made this comment:
The same can be asked of him in reference to the recent book removals in Arizona, books boxed and stored away to eventually be forgotten. When the Tennessee Tea Party demands that slavery be removed from textbooks,  does he not question their motives? No different than the complete erasure of Puerto Rican history. Or is it that he just doesn't care?

Recently in Arizona, the Arizona Supreme Court said Alejandrina Cabrera doesn't speak enough English to hold office in an area where the constituents are predominantly Spanish speaking. It is a reminder of anti-Spanish speaking sentiment in America and a reminder that English is the superior language spoken by the master, therefore you should learn it. My take is that a lack of English should not keep anyone from advancing but rather make it the stepping stone to mastering two or more languages.

Allan Wall writes in an article favoring Puerto Rico statehood on the Tea Party VDARE.Com site:

If Puerto Rico becomes a state, it will be a Trojan Horse for the Hispanicization of the United States.......That’s true, and mass Mexican immigration, and the way it is handled is indeed a cultural threat to the United States.
It may seem as small potatoes but what isn't seen or heard also matters. The polls may speak a bit, but in the end, it is foolish to believe in something that has been on layaway for so long. Such is the case when it applies to the American dream in Puerto Rico. There is a complete and total ignorance on the part of Fortuño which prevents him from seeing in between the lines. Point blank and in your face.
Photo from Encuesta no apoya la estadidad

Instead, the deep chagrin of his political aspirations allows him to say that he would prefer to be a statesmen on layaway. Puerto Rico has been on layaway a lot longer than he thinks. To say such a statement should be more an embarrassment than a thing of pride.The onus is on the Puerto Rican voters on the island to teach him a lesson or two come election time. Maybe Sarah Palin will take him in.

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