Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Black President ?

Another week with no "Bush" and the reality has sunk in that we have a new president. It's been interesting thus far listening to all that is taking place as President Barack H. Obama presses on.

Let the debates begin, just this week I overheard part of a conversation about Obama not being the first black president. This struck my curiosity so I decided to do a google search on the subject. What I read was quite interesting and informative. Who was/is the first black president is then open for discussion but depends on how the facts are looked at. Personally, I still have to agree that President Obama is the first black president of the United States of America under the Constitution of the United States. You can google search John Hanson or go directly to the following links to read more and decide for yourself.

First Black President... John Hanson In 1781

John Hanson, American Patriot and First President of the United States

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