Friday, January 23, 2009

Pride an Hope

As the week moves on and history has been made the feelings of pride, hope and jubilation continue.

Just yesterday, I was talking to an elderly co-worker about our new president and he mentioned how proud he felt. He told me of a day when he was a child growing up in North Carolina. On this particular day, as he was walking down a one sided sidewalk street beside his mother, he recalls a white male approaching them and telling them "niggers are supposed to walk on the other side of the street". He said that at the time it did not come to him, since he was so young, but that as he grew older he came to realize what had occurred. It was a moment in time that has remained with him all his life.

Although, we have come a long way since then, there are still great strides that need to be made. One cannot help but hear it in the voices and negative overtones of some that it bothers them to have a black president. It still does not change the reality of the week...that great change has already begun. The feelings of pride and hope for the future cannot be taken away.

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