Monday, August 31, 2009

A Tarantula by Rosalinda Vargas

The following short poem was sent to me via email. It is from a childhood experience by Rosalinda Vargas (Latina straight outta Texas!). Makes me shiver and reminds me of 'El Cuco'. "Que lo Disfruten"

A Tarantula by Rosalinda Vargas

Sleepy, groggy, a tickle on palm
Opened eyes see an acquaintance
Moon light through window reveals the giant
Frozen, speechless, terror stricken
Remembered, “It won’t bite unless threatened.”
Waiting, paralyzed, looking at slow pace of unwelcome local
Wide eyes stare at hairy, methodical legs
Crawling, brushing, invading upturned child’s hand
Deep breath inhaled, freedom from monster at last
Shouting, crying, getting up off the floor
Searching, turning things, shaking blanket
“You must have been dreaming,” parent says.


  1. Loved it!! (:
    Did this really happen to you?

    Ay que miedo...

  2. This is a real memory. I have others which I plan to publish in the near future. Do you know a bilingual agent?