Saturday, September 19, 2009

Capicuuuuuu! Does it Again!

Once again, Capicu Poetry does what Capicu Poetry does best...they put on a great show. The stage was blessed with talent after talent. From the veterans to novices the night turned out to be uplifting. I am not a poet but being among all the talent brings out a feeling of wanting to participate just the same. Again, I walk away from a night of Capicu Poetry feeling inspired. Capicu....does it again! Some of those who came through....

    Raw Elementz Collective
    Jose Arias
    Fizzle McQueen
    Just Jay
    Joe 'Elemento' Romagnano
    The Real
    Jay Rivera
    Jose Vilson
    Victor M. Matos
    Sonia Mercado Hopewell
    Mala Fama- Ill Fame
    Conan Aka Mr.VIP
    with Comedy by Johnny pen

    Capping off the evening was featured poet Jani Rosado, while holding her own as an agent at image Cultura she held it down with her poetry for Capicu. Check out her site: Musings and Scribbles.

    I usually sound off with the words "pa que lo disfruten" but if you haven't been to a Capicu event then you've obviously missed out...this time around it's "te lo perdiste!"

    Capicu Poetry and Cultural Showcase


    1. If I'm ever in New York, I'll definitely pay a visit to Capicu Poetry. It sounds like a great event!

    2. HEY! thank ya. that was a wonderful night