Sunday, September 27, 2009 Social Media

Social media.. there is much that has been written and said about it. It comprises an almost limitless scope of information resources dispersed in many forms. From blogging, forums, pod casts, picture, video to social networking, social media has grown enormously. Whether many realize it or not, if you are on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or using any communication or multi-media application and posting some type of information then you are a part of social media. Unlike traditional media (such as newspapers and magazines), social media allows for communication between many and the ability to edit, comment, share views and opinions on an almost infinite scale.

Now enter the growth of the Latino/Hispanic population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Latino/Hispanic population is projected to nearly triple, from 46.7 million to 132.8 million during the 2008-2050 period. On the internet, the Latino/Hispanic user is expected to grow some 25% by the year 2010 to nearly 21 million. These stats speak volumes in themselves and demonstrate the need for greater unity among the Latino/Hispanic social media community.

This is where Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) takes the lead and brings Latinos from all realms of the social media world together . Bringing together professionals and novices alike who share an interest in social media whether through blogging, tweeting, connecting or any of the various social media outlets. LATISM brings a wealth of information to all Latinos and has shown the power of Latinos/Hispanics in its own respect. From its humble beginnings, the group now boasts chapters in New York, Florida, Washington D.C. and Texas. This in itself demonstrates the capabilities and opportunities that can come to fruition when Latinos unite.

Next up for LATISM is their upcoming New York Heritage Tour followed by tours in Florida, DC, and California. The New York tour is being held on Thursday and Friday, October 1st and 2nd. The opportunity to still be involved in the New York Tour is still available. The tours will offer an opportunity to meet and network with leaders in their respective social media fields through conferences and meetings to include an Awards Gala and Networking Party recognizing the best Latinos in Social Media (vote here).

Latinos...stand up and don't get left behind. The opportunities are awaiting, whether on a small scale or large scale, and the choice is up to you. Make it happen.... join LATISM today!

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