Friday, October 30, 2009

Esto es: Lo Mejor de Nuestra Comunidad

I recently had the pleasure of attending an event to kick off Puerto Rican Heritage Month. The annual event, held by Comite Noviembre at El Museo del Barrio, included an awards and scholarship presentation. The award entitled,'Lo Mejor de Nuestra Comunidad', recognizes outstanding individuals who make a difference in their respective Puerto Rican communities.

Listening to the accomplishments and speeches given by the recipients left me inspired and proud of their selfless commitments and the impact they leave on their communities. Mentioned during the evening were Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and astronaut Joe Acaba, two Boricuas whose accomplishments are an inspiration to many Latinos. Not to belittle the accomplishments made by both but to show that within the communities themselves are individuals who empower and inspire, that give of themselves and are the perfect role models for our youth. Individuals who are within reach and whose pride in 'nuestra cultura' is evident in all they do. This is exactly what our youth deserve and need.
Congratulations to all the recipients!
  • Rev. Carmen Hernandez
  • Clarisel Gonzalez
  • Elisha Miranda
  • Hilda Rivera Pantojas
  • Ibrahim Gonzalez
  • Melinda Gonzalez
  • Nydia Rodriguez Edgecombe
  • Rafael J Rivera Viruet
  • Rosa Valentin
  • Trinity Aurelia Padilla

Enjoy some photo's by Clarisel here!

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