Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rafael Hernández Marín, Puerto Rican Composer

Rafael Hernandez Marin was born on October 24, 1892 in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. At an early age he demonstrated his love for music and learned to play many musical instruments. In his early musical career, as a musician, he played in the municipal orquestra, in San Juan. He then would eventually go on to play for the U.S. Army's musical band, the Orchestra Europe, during WWI.

During the 1920's, Rafael started to write music. His writing coupled with his love for music would eventually lead him to compose over 3,000 works of music from patriotic, danzas, boleros to guarachas, the list goes on.

From Puebla, Mexico (Qué Chula es Puebla) to the Dominican Republic (Linda quisqueya) to Puerto Rico (Preciosa), his music is an important part of nuestra cultura.

Rafael Hernandez Marin, one of the greatest composers of Puerto Rican popular music died in San Juan on December 11, 1965.

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