Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanks 'Giving'; Feliz Dia de Acción de Gracias!

Thanksgiving... regardless of the days meaning to each individual one has to stop and consider all the things that can be given thanks for.
I personally remember many a childhood memories of Thanksgivings long gone. They were, as is now, a day to gather among family, enjoy the many Puerto Rican style dishes, enjoy some good music and be thankful for what we had. Some will do the same today with family and friends while others will dig deep to explore the true meaning behind the day.
It's historical significance can be associated to the images often seen in classroom history books or, to the more historically interested in the days meaning, it can be associated to deeper historical facts (Desconstructing the Myths.....) not found in those same books. Images of Pilgrims and Indians at the dinner table enjoying a big feast is the norm making the occasion very picturesque. While we should be giving thanks daily we should not forget the greater meaning behind it's celebrated purpose.
The objective here, regardless of the days meaning, is to give thanks. Let's not just give it one day a year though, but every day. After all, the word thanksgiving is two words in one.

Thanks, but No Thanks? decide.

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