Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Response to...."Puerto Ricans in New York Struggling…Still" Comment

Here we go again. As I scroll through the comments in this article I think of the possible reasons as to why Puerto Ricans are still struggling in New York even after several generations. I listened to the video and arguably the ignorance of some elected officials is shameful. There are many reasons for the struggle but the real challenge lies in correcting what is wrong and finding solutions. Stressing the importance of education and providing information to resources available to obtain the same are only a part of the solution. Many Puerto Ricans who have risen from poverty have left these communities and fail to come back and give to the same community. It's not about giving backbone but more about "you can do the same".

As always, there is that one comment which stands to be corrected.

I'll quote Mr White: " Rican’s overwhelmingly voted to become either a state (46%) or no change (50%) in 1998 so the colonially argument is irrelevant when the majority doesn’t want a change in status. The other half can come here if they don’t like there status. I’m sure millions around the world would give up their homeland to stay 6 months in America. They have lotteries around the world to come here!"

How can I possibly remain mum to this obviously historically uneducated comment. I question this commenter's knowledge of Puerto Rican history in relation to the U.S. which is 111 years old. How can independence be removed from the table as viable option? Do we take the voice of even that small majority away? It's obvoius, to say the least, that historical deprivation brings this type of thinking to the forefront. To say that 'if they don't like their status to come to the U.S.' shows a lack of the same. One does not bite the hand that feeds it, but understand, the same hand has molded a society into becoming socially dependent. Remove that dependency, allow the free thinking to develop and the possibilites of an independent nation can unfold.

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