Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where is your pride now?

And so we have moved away from all the events that culminated into the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. Although there may be other smaller parades, the flags disappear, the clothing become a permanent fixture in the closet and/or an old garb to be disposed of. Does your pride take a place within your bureau, closet or a shelf? Waiting for the next opportunity to be displayed?

The answer to the questions here are not those that need be displayed in a way that requires an individual to display a flag, sport a piece of clothing with cultural identity nor display pride like one would at a parade. It is though one that should be displayed through soul searching and seeking knowledge of culture and history. Walking with your head up knowing the accomplishments, sacrifices and courage in everyday life that many have and continue to display, should be more than enough to make one proud.

There is so much beauty and history in culture that needs to be passed on to younger generations in order to preserve the same. It is not a matter of raising younger generations with a particular view but rather one which would allow for them to develop their own views. To develop a connection with cultural identity and how that identity relates to the American way of life.

The answer here lies within oneself and ones desire to truly dig deep and walk the talk that is celebrated during the parade (NPRDP). Are you prepared to do so?

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