Thursday, July 1, 2010

Without Shame/ Sin Vergüenzas

Not too long ago Puerto Rico governor Luis Fortuño and Puerto Rico Secretary of State Kenneth McClintock were making their case for H.R. 2499. On the heels of the passage of the bill (passed in Congress, awaiting passage in Senate) came the strike by University of Puerto Rico (UPR) students, which lasted over 60 days.

During the student strike the apparent disrespect towards the students and their supporters was a shame. Even with the strike ended, the administration responds by increasing members of the UPR Board of Trustees, giving themselves an upper hand, whereupon the Board of Trustees decide to file a law suit against students. This action demonstrates a callousness and demeaning attitude toward the students. The police, during the student strike, demonstrated that they were just mere puppets of a Puerto Rican government administration that seeks to demoralize and brutalize those who do not approve of their decisions. The puppets demonstrated the extent to which they are willing to go by showing their force.

Now with the latest news of clashes between police and protesters at the Puerto Rico capital, the administration suffers another blow with the handling of the situation. The police resorted to the violent use of their batons and tear gas to repress what they called a violent crowd. These actions lead to many questions....How far will this administration go to show their might? Is this how the leadership in Puerto Rico plans to show their further desire to be the 51st state? Can one believe that the administration here is truly in tune with the people they represent? Is this their interpretation of the democratic process? This administration has proven that they are without shame...¡Sin Vergüenzas!

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