Sunday, September 19, 2010

El Grito de Poetas @ el Museo del Barrio...

(El Grito de Poetas W/Emanuel Xavier @ El Museo del Barrio 9/18/10)
(l to r: Tito, Emanuel Xavier, Majestik Originality, Chance, Advocate of Wordz, Chilo)
(Frt: Simply Rob, True)

There comes a time when just one word isn't enough to describe an event. In this case, it is a combination of several words. Words such as powerful, energetic, passionate, creative, profound and intense are just a few that can be combined when describing the performance of El Grito de Poetas.

They set the stage on fire, setting off Hispanic Heritage Month with a boom at El Museo Del Barrio's first feature for the new Speak Up/Speak Out Spoken Word Series (with host Emanuel Xavier). Performing to a standing room only crowd (the crowd was so deep some had to get turned away), the words of this diverse group of latino and latina poets enveloped the crowd with a sense of family, culture and tradition.  I am sure that those who truly appreciate this creative platform were enthralled and would agree with the same.
From the beginning, El Grito de Poetas kept the momentum smoothly flowing from one to the next. In the end, El Grito was definitely heard.

The creative poetic genius of El Grito de Poetas are:
Advocate of Wordz
Majestik Originality
Simply Rob

El Grito de Poetas on their 5 year anniversary

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