Sunday, September 12, 2010

Valor y Sacrificio

Thinking of valor and sacrifice can conjure up thoughts of giving of oneself as of in life and limb. There have been many who have given of themselves in such a way. Hence, Pedro Albizu Campos' words, "la patria es valor y sacrificio" resonate of deep patriotic sentiment. How one carries that sentiment is what makes the individual. In the case of Puerto Rico, it requires a person to want to learn about the injustices under colonial rule and the price paid by those who stood up against it.

It is not that one should drown themselves in solely seeking the knowledge of the history of Puerto Rico. It is though that one should seek the correct knowledge and convey it in the same. I repeatedly hear of preservation of culture but instead witness far too many letting it slip through their fingers.

To learn of ones history is not to be interpreted as being un-American but rather as being a part of the whole. Far too many accept the status-quo, without condition nor question. Knowledge is knowing, not understanding, so to understand the history of Puerto Rico is to understand why those who have valiantly sacrificed so much, have done so.

'Lo que bien se aprende nunca se olvida.'

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