Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just Another Day in America

I commented, "It is for this very reason that so many are even unaware of these senseless and brutal murders. Shame, if this is what it has come to" in reply to a link post on Facebook by Raul Ramos-Sanchez. His comment, ‎"113 words. That's all the New York Times had to say about the trial of right wing extremist Shawna Forde, convicted yesterday in the brutal shooting death of 9-year-old Brisenia Flores and her father in their home." The link was to a  news article in The New York Times entitled "Arizona: Border Activist Is Convicted."

One has to wonder about the reasons for the lack of coverage about this tragic story. Why so many are unaware of this senselessness? Have we as a society become desensitized? Too busy with our own lives to even be concerned? Mass media plays a large roll in this as well. It is this type of story that should make front headlines in every major newspaper. Yes, there are many stories of senselessness that don't even make headline but there are those stories that tell of the America we live in today that do need to. Stories that allow for some thought and a view into the society beyond our own neighborhoods. That is, stories that convey the message that there is a need for change and awareness.

It is for this very reason that to many...It is just another day in America.

In Memory of Brisenia Flores



  1. America, the greatest country in the world, saddens me sometimes.

  2. Indeed it does. Another sad thing is that some will misconstrue this as anti-American rather than a call for change.