Tuesday, February 8, 2011

UPR: Are the Police Really Taking Over?

A recent article at the Huffington Post entitled "Police Take Over University and the Streets of Puerto Rico" can lead one to think that the University is in utter chaos and that the police have taken over the streets from REAL criminals. This isn't the case, and what really seems to be the cause of any chaos at University of Puerto Rico campuses is the invasion of the Puerto Rico police and their SWAT team. What we are left with is the often asked question, "who is policing the police?"

First and foremost, the police presence has been an overdose. The excessive force used by the police has been widely reported (as usual, not so much by mainstream media). At this time last year, Puerto Rico Governor, Luis Fortuño, was calling on the National Guard to combat the island's crime problem. It was a temporary measure while new police recruits were being  trained. Considering the recent fiasco at the University, it seems as if the training may have been inadequate.

The shift from combating real crime to combating protestors seems to be of greater importance. What's absolutely necessary is that the focus be shifted to where it belongs...in catching real criminals. A lesson the Puerto Rico Government and its police force have yet to learn.

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  1. NO. The police are not taking over they are taking back the campus for those that want to study. I think the propaganda in favor of the strike is ridiculous. I am all for free speech, but I am also for education. These students are saying they can't go to school because they won't have the money....WHAT THE (#*(#$). These students need to work. Work hard and work even harder. They will not survive if they don't learn this lesson now. I do believe the UPR has put themselves in this mess, but UPR is the CHEAPEST SCHOOL in the universe. It's like 50 dollars a credit!!!! THE ENTITLEMENT GENERATION wants everything for nothing and who cares about how much debt. I have talked to so many students (before this) that said when they drop a class or fail..."ah well its just a beca" WHAT???? These students pay for cars, houses, ETC with the thousands of dollars left over....its just ridiculous to comprehend!!