Friday, May 6, 2011

The Real Threat

Where do we go from here? Osama Bin Laden is supposedly gone. For the moment there is justice in the hearts of many. The cheering crowds were caught and plastered all over the news. Where some cheer, some see the death of a man and others question whether there is political motive. The cheers are only awashed with the feeling that all is better now. That Osama somehow invented terrorism and that it died with him. There will always be disdain towards the American Empire so long as it continues to meddle in others affairs (US meddled in 50 nations over 130 times in 121 years). The empire always finds reason to plant itself somewhere where it isn't necessarily wanted. It was, after all, the invisible weapons of mass destruction that lead to the invasion of Iraq. Every word said then made it seem fine to some. It has always been the "excuse" factor applied to some type of national security.

In all, where does the island nation of Puerto Rico fit? Who on the island nation shared some patriotic glimmer of hope with the death of Osama? Statehooders? Was Osama and others that harbor hate towards the American Empire a threat to Puerto Rico? The real threat has always been and continues to be colonialism. Puerto Rico serves merely as a portal for the likes of the Osamas' of the world.

If the glimmer of hope is in following in the attitudes of the celebratory crowd then there is no hope. There is unemployment, poor social services, mental dependency and a sense of wanting to be a part of something bigger. Is Statehood the real answer? In the end, the fundamental problems will remain and the shout will be, "I told you so"! And then what?


  1. It leaves us where we began and with what they began... a never ending war...

  2. Osama was the yankees problem, not ours. Our problem are the yankees not Osama.