Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's the Hype that Some Believe...

Scantily clad in the annuls of history awaiting those who seek knowledge is the true story of an island nation. What fear lurks from gaining this knowledge is not from learning the truth but of accepting it as ones own. The invading forces in 1898, while welcome by some, would only be the preclude to what was to come and what was to threaten the very fabric of a society. This is the reality that many have stood up against over time. Some have sauntered quietly while others have committed themselves to action. Heroes and heroines to some and gravely misunderstood (for want to ignore the truth) by the those whose mental state has been saturated by false dreams. The heroes and heroines committed themselves to action whilst knowing the repercussions would be grave, yet, for the love of their nation they would give of themselves.

The idea that there is only one direction on the road to improvement only serves to show the absurdity of those who wish to push their agenda. It has been said many times over, " you are not from here, you don't know what it's like". With that said, considering those words as told from an islander to a someone living stateside. That same individual/s need only look in the mirror and say the same to him/herself when speaking in regards to the American Union. Look beyond the glamorous picturesque views of well lit cities and towns and take a tour of real inner city life. It would be but a mere reflection of the the life you live within your own motherland.

America is merely the land of the rich and the poor. The so called middle class is merely an extension of the poor sitting on top of the poor heap on the rich/poor scale. To think that riches will come with a desire to be part of said union is to think that there is no black and white. Colorblindness in America only exists within children who are too young to have learned the color scheme. Once learned they become a part of America in which many walk with blindfolds.

All told...Don't Believe the Hype (P.E)

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