Saturday, May 16, 2009

An Evening with Capicu Poetry - An Inspiration

On Friday, May 15, I (along with my wife) attended the Capicu Cultural Showcase/Capicu Subway Series-Open Mic in El Barrio (Spanish Harlem). Strange for me because I don't listen to, read or write poetry.

Why did I go then?

In my quest to quench my thirst for new things within my culture I have decided to become more involved. That's the reason why I started this blog. An outlet for me to share what I know and an opportunity to learn more from others within the latino community about the culture. This has allowed me the opportunity to connect with several interesting people. This is what lead me to El Barrio and to the East Harlem Cafe for an evening of poetry.

anilogosmall by Paposwiggity @ Flicker

An evening of inspiration brought to you by Papo 'Swiggity' Santiago and George 'Urban Jibaro' Torres ( began in the small yet quaint East Harlem Cafe. The place was filled to capacity with a standing room only crowd. As soon as I entered the cafe I felt as if I was among friends. We were immediately approached by George who quickly proceeded to get us seated. We relaxed while waiting for the show to begin and had small conversation. The ambiance was a perfect set-up for what was to come.

As poet after poet stepped up to the mic I was introduced to the spoken words of veterans and newcomers alike. At times, I was captivated and surrounded by the poetry (deep)....some in attendance included Americo Casiano, Bobby Gonzalez, El Extreme, Frank Perez, Jaime El Maestro, Jani Rosado, Maria Aponte, Papoleto, Paul Flores and Reina Miranda.

The evenings featured poet/painter was Yubelky Rodriguez, writer of the new spoken word play Pious Poetic Pie which premieres May 21st. She gave an energetic performance which left me hungry for more. That being said I am looking forward to attending future events and encourage others to do the same.


  1. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it especially once I found out how far away you and your wife traveled to spend the night with us.

    Gracias once more.

  2. I look forward to giving my support more in the future and Jani your on.