Sunday, May 3, 2009

Puerto Rico: To Politicize or Not?

In my last post I decided to make a quick point on Puerto Rico's economy and as I usually do I injected somewhere in there a line or two with my opinion, nothing dramatical. Well, it just so happened that a fellow Tweeter (see Twitter) read the post and communicated via Twitter that she refused to pay the salaries of those who don't show up for work. I agree and would think that anyone in their right mind would think the same and also agree. She also communicated several other tweets in good discussion. That's all good, but what caught me by surprise was when she responded with "you don't live here so your perspective is from what you hear from the news only, and that could be dangerous"! Now, how shocking is that?.... Since, I would need several people together to be able to count the fingers and toes of each one to then even come close to the amount of family I have living in Puerto Rico. My response, even better, was that my mother lived on the island and what affects her affects me. Yes, it very important what goes on, whether politically or not, because if a situation were to arise that affected her I would like to know.

While a good amount of information is received through media it is safe to assume that we don't live in a vacuum. Media will report what media sees fit. It may be opinionated, one sided or neutral. That is not for me to decide. Outside of that vacuum, it is very easy to touch that speed dial button and talk on the phone (thanks to unlimited minutes and free nights/weekends!). It is from the voices of those who I communicate with, and that are directly affected by island politics, that I can have my perspective. Now, is that dangerous? I think not.

I must say that it actually felt good to have that bit of communique because it provided some of the fodder for this post. As I stated in my previous post in response to comment... discussions on this subject can lead to greater understanding among those who know and those who are willing and want to learn. With that, we can move forward and hopefully begin to resolve some of the issues facing Puerto Rico.

P.S. Thanks to that fellow tweeter. From Mr." Yo no tengo pelos en la lengua".

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