Wednesday, February 24, 2010

'Broken Pledge' On P.R. Health Care Reform

Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño and Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi are joining other delegates (territorial) in telling President Obama that the treatment of the territories in the health care proposal is “clearly unfair." Upset by the President's 'broken pledge' on health care reform to which they claim they had been given assurances. Clearly, these assurances were not in writing and as always political motives were involved. Fortuño goes on to call the Puerto Rico provisions, or lack thereof, “deceptive and discriminatory.” Either Fortuño and Pierluisi have played the ignorant or they clearly haven't grasped that this practice has been going on for a very long time. A box of tissues for both of these gentlemen is available upon their request.

Fortuño, Pierluisi upset by Obama’s ‘broken pledge’ on health care reform

'An indefensible message to Puerto Rico'

Washington is so far sending a clear but indefensible message that Puerto Rico is separate and unequal when it comes to health care reform. In the final rounds of negotiations, Congress must deliver a bill that ends the unfair treatment of Americans living in U.S. territories.

As we learned earlier this week, the Obama administration is pushing for the Senate's version of health care reform, with some adjustments. But in doing so, the White House is failing 4.4 million Americans living in Puerto Rico. This backtracks from earlier assurances that it would protect the territories.....cont.--->

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