Monday, February 15, 2010

Spanish Requirement of 1513

While my travels have taken me to quite a few places, the internet allows me to travel the world daily. This travel allows me to pick up a good amount of information. The following is one of those things that is of interest ....

The Spanish Requirement of 1513 ("El Requerimiento") was a declaration by the Spanish monarchy of its divinely ordained right to take possession of the territories of the New World and to subjugate, exploit and, when necessary, to kill the native inhabitants. The Requirement was read in Spanish to Native Americans to inform them of Spain’s rights to conquest. Those who subsequently resisted conquest were considered to harbor evil intentions. The Spaniards thus considered those who resisted as defying God’s plan, and so used Catholic theology to justify their killing. -Source: Wikipedia- The free encyclopedia

Dig deep and there are things that can be unearthed that will unsettle you; history has shown the brutality by which many have claimed as their own what rightfully belonged to others....
credit is due to the poetry at Morena's Bohio: The Requerimiento (Revised).


  1. Your blog is awesome. It was a gem in the midst of all the dross one is likely to encounter on these blog sites.

  2. Thanks! I just finished telling someone about this again just the other day. We open eyes.