Saturday, February 6, 2010

I had a dream...and so did many other Puerto Ricans

I couldn't resist the temptation to mention a dream and if laughter is the best medicine then let's laugh. After all, it is a dream and one has to wonder 'can it' become a reality **now smiling**. I wouldn't hold my breath on this dream becoming a reality though. The issue of Puerto Rico's status along with the myriad of other problems haunting the island make Freddy Krueger nightmares something to wake up to and smile about.
Puzzled yet? Well, I had a dream that all the powers that be in Puerto Rico finally came to their senses, sat at a big round table, put all differences aside and really discussed Puerto Rico's century old status of colonialism. That real decisions were made, hands were shaken and a unified movement, to end the real nightmare, had been born. Finally with fists up in the air (some with middle fingers raised at Washington **a little anger**), the Puerto Rican people would finally have leaders that stand as true patriots of the motherland and represent all that is Puerto Rican.
Now I awaken and realize that my dream is only an extension of another dream and that colonialism, economic dependency, economic meltdown, sell-offs, sell-outs and crime continue to be the current reality.

Read the other dream here>>

Basta Ya!


  1. Oh to dream....I'd love to see this dream come to a head during my life time. Quizas, quizas.....

    BTW....Loved this.

  2. Yes, a good dream at that...I feel a poem coming....keep inspiring. Thank you.