Monday, May 17, 2010

A Call to Action by Todo Puerto Rico

It has been nearly a month now that students at the University of Puerto Rico have been staging a strike in protest of cuts, tuition hikes and privatization of the university. Recent events have culminated in more support garnered by the university students from various sectors. This has become a black eye of sorts to both the university and the islands governmental administrations. Both have shown irresponsibility in their dialogue and response to the situation. To date the students have demonstrated their fortitude, maturity and professionalism to which the response has been insensitive, arrogant and intimidating. Denying them of food and water is equivalent to cutting off an enemies supply source. Is that the message that is being conveyed here? That the students are the enemy? How low will this administration stoop? Obviously, as low as they can go.

The call to action on Tuesday, May 18, by the coalition Todo Puerto Rico por Puerto Rico, includes a work stoppages in the AM hours and then a call for all to mobilize and gather at the various UPR campuses throughout the island. What is occurring here is a call of solidarity for students whom have demonstrated a civility and a willingness to move forward. The current governmental and university administrations should be taking lessons from these students.

IN SOLIDARITY with UPR Students!

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