Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Carlos Alberto Torres to be Paroled

From Ponce, Puerto Rico to New York then Chicago, Carlos Alberto Torres' parents journey was no different than the one taken by many Puerto Ricans. Escaping the difficulties of a life on an island nation, subjected to colonial rule, to raise their children. An argument is inevitable since the mention of colonial rule will be countered with the notion that Puerto Rico is a "Free Associated State". That will be dealt with in due time.

Carlos Alberto Torres would prove to be a well-rounded individual. He studied sociology at both Southern Illinois University and the University of Illinois at Chicago and became very active in several movements. Driven by his desire to make things right for Puerto Ricans, Carlos began looking to the root cause for Puerto Rican migration, racism and poverty. The conclusion, "Puerto Ricans were by-products of centuries of colonialism". Carlos was sentenced to 78 years on charges of seditious conspiracy and other charges for his commitment to Puerto Rican Independence. He has served 30 years and will finally, come July, be released on parole.

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