Saturday, May 1, 2010

Truth and Fear before Voting

The Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009 has passed the House and it moves on to the Senate with several of its amendments approved as well. For the record, 184 Democrats and 39 Republicans voted in favor while 129 Republicans and 40 Democrats opposed the bill. Another 18 republicans did not vote at all. The lack of support from the Republican Party says much about Luis Fortuño and his administrations clout within the party. Tsk!

Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi has hailed the passage of the bill as "truth and democracy has won out over fear, misinformation and [political] paralysis.” Truth is what is required before putting the status vote into place. Like putting someone in a courtroom full of their peers and swearing to tell the truth, all Puerto Ricans deserve nothing less. The question here is, "what and whose truth?" Fear has been instilled in the memories of many through the counter-intelligence operations, Ponce Massacres, Cerro Maravillas and the countless other initiatives against Puerto Rican organizations and individuals who even supported independence. Misinformation will continue so long as there are callous and selfish individuals whose only agenda is to further their own status preference before honest representation.

By the way, maybe we can get Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to come up with a few ideas of her own on the handling of the status issue!

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