Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fortuño has jokes!

Just this past week as I sat and browsed through various news stories I ran across one that not only made me laugh but had me asking "are they really surprised?" Here the they are the FBI and the the surprise refers to corruption in Puerto Rico as being rampant. If anything, the FBI should know as they have, in many past events, had their hands in the cookie jar for a very long time. Their involvement in Puerto Rican politics goes so far back that they should readily have all sorts of corruption information. As for corruption, no difference there between corrupt politicians in Puerto Rico and those in the U.S. Especially within a government which seems to be so desperately in want of being a part of the U.S. that they (some Puerto Rican politicians to put it nicely) U.S. politicians ways (corrupt).

So I stop laughing and move on to the HMIC (Head Moron in Charge). Excuse my foray into harsh wording but when I see the current Governor of Puerto Rico giving a speech (he does show eloquence), especially as he did recently on the economy, I begin to smell a rat. Again, he captures the listener with eloquence and has one believing that 1+1 can equal 4. With an unemployment rate at 17 percent, Luis Fortuño (I'll refrain from using a title) is a bit premature to say that improvement is occuring. The stark reality is that there is nothing to celebrate about. He might just be planning to balance the budget on the $500 plus lunch he had at the Sheraton Hotel during the recent UPR student strike.

To add, his political aspirations, which... he should have aspirations, include a pro-statehood interview in which he talks to Newt Gingrich. That's correct, pro-statehood interview, Fortuño will have you believing everything is fine under the sun and that he has saved the economy. Like Run-DMC said many years ago in their song Peter Piper, "and if I lie, my nose will grow, like the little wooden boy named Pinocchio", Well, hats off to Fortuño and while your at for his nose may just poke you in the face. To the language question his answer is, "All of us as parents want our children to be totally fluent in English. That is an aspiration that every single parent has in Puerto Rico." He fails to mention that only 20 percent of the island's residents speak English fluently, even after 112 years of U.S.-Puerto Rico relationship!

By the way, he also states that Latinos are republicans! I laugh....yet again. Fortuño has jokes.

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