Thursday, November 11, 2010

On Veterans Day..opinons and decisions

On this Veteran's Day, I sit back and reflect. Reflect on days gone by, some that seem so long ago and others that seem like they were only yesterday. Some may stop in and read through the posts in this blog and assume that there may be some anti-American sentiment. There have been some comments that are so far fetched and racist that I have had to delete them. I simply didn't feel a need to cater to such nonsense.

It is through these posts that I have been able to share my opinions, thoughts and ideas on something that I merely culture. It isn't about being anti-American but rather disappointed with decisions made by those whom have been in positions to make change (politicians). They have walked blindly and ignored a nation of millions for a long time. Unfortunately, we can't erase all the negatives that have occurred in the past. What we can do is learn from them and commit to making a change. The real beauty is that we can disagree, agree, like or dislike. I respect that in all that come through and visit here.

Now a question may come to some...What does this have to do with Veteran's Day? Well,  I sit back and reflect on all my days of military service. The good, the bad and then it occurs to me....all that I have earned. Not looking for special treatment, not looking to tell my military story, not looking to brag.

People join the military for many different reasons while knowing the many possibilities of being in harm's way. Some may not agree with the decisions made by elected officials but know full well the commitment that they have made. So it is, that veterans come from all walks of life. It is through their experiences that a mold is created. I carry mine experiences everyday just like I carry my pride in being Puerto Rican.

On this Veterans Day, I commend those who have made the sacrifice, taken on the commitment and faced the adversities head on. Whether your from the smallest rural town in the middle of America or the smallest town in Puerto Rico, it really doesn't matter. Whether your decisions in life may or may not be those agreed upon by others,  you have at least earned the right to have them.

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