Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pledge, economy......Potential?

In a recent report, President Obama reiterated on his pledge to help Puerto Rico's economy. Funnel more funds to the island while continuing to leave the status dilemma in the air. The pledge may include a reference to resolving the dilemma that is the status but it may eventually fall short. Status aside, at this point, all the support is needed to help the weak economic situation on the island but this is nothing new. While at times it may have seemed that the economy was on an uphill swing it was all merely smoke and mirrors. The funding has always really been a means to quell the mindset of the population and make the relationship seem more passive. Like a child that is physically grown but kept mentally in a childish state, the people are left believing that there is no other remedy.

The President's Task Force on Puerto Rico's Status is scheduled to release a report at the end of this year. The report focuses on several issues that affect the island but the focus seemed to revolve heavily on the economy during a meeting held in San Juan earlier this year. Yes, the old revolving door always leads back to the same song and dance.

Can the true potential (either way) of the islands survival ever really be realized? The comfort zone is only as long as the chains that keep it in the line of sight. Just some thoughts to ponder.....

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