Friday, November 5, 2010

When Boricua Pride isn't Enough

Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz recently wrote an article that caught my attention over at La Voz del Paseo Boricua, "In Times When Boricua ‘Pride’ Isn’t Enough." I could only add, the one thing I believe that is missing is that of misplaced pride. There are those who wear the badge as a medal won in a battle, profess to be so proud, yet , if asked, would not even be able to find Puerto Rico on a map. Tsk! True Boricua...... let's not question that but rather take the challenge. Feed your mind at least a little.....

"Puerto Rico, how ironic is our love for you? We never cease to profess our sincere pride. We display it everywhere and in any way possible; from tattoos, t-shirts, to temperaments, we declare our profound orgullo.

Yet our love and pride – as deep as it goes – has limits, lines we won’t cross, fears we won’t face. Far too often, there is much we refuse to say, acts we won’t do, and beliefs we refuse to hold. Everyday, we simultaneously affirm our identity as Puerto Ricans, yet we often collectively dare not fight for Puerto Rico".

....................continue reading this article here and begin to make a change.

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