Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Bailar la Bomba con BombaYo

All critics aside, Bomba is a folk musical genre with influences coming largely from the african slaves that were brought to Puerto Rico. The rhythms and beats coming from the use of drums are just one component of this high energy music. In accompaniment,  there is always a dancer ready to move his/her body to every beat of the drum.

The Bomba was an important way for the slaves to express themselves as they forbidden to worship their own gods and practice their own religion. They incorporated the music in such a way that they were both able to still worship their gods and maintain spiritual strength.

In keeping the tradition alive and preserving the tradition of the Bomba, BombaYo, is deserving of some serious accolade. As BombaYo states in their website, aside from the word Bomba, the Yo in their name has several meanings, "Yo, is "I" in Spanish, or self - "I am Bomba" Yo, English slang to call one's attention, as in Yo', short in English from Your, "Your Bomba".

Thanks to Jose L. Ortiz aka Dr. Drum and Melinda Gonzalez, the group brings high energy to any performance venue. I have had the privilege of watching their performance and was not left disappointed other than for want of more. Visit their site here.

(Bomba via Music of Puerto Rico)


  1. That was amazing on so many levels. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing this video. It looks like SO much fun I want to go dance now.

  3. I would highly recommend if you get an opportunity to attend an event of this caliber to do so. There is always energy in the air.

  4. I am truly grateful to read this testemonial. This reading has inspired me and has motivated my spirit. Thank you all for commenting on a subject that connects directly to my life. The Bomba has provided me a foundation to learn more about my peoples history. I have been able to live a more conscious life because of it. I hope to continue this journey and look forward to work more for our community. On May 25, 2014 we will be celebrating our 6TH Annual BomBarBecue at the Andrew Freedman Home. Please join us and experience what has derived from our first BBQ 2007. Peace…..