Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Once Upon a Time in Puerto Rico" a new Documentary

Until all colonialism is ended, the power of the imperialists and their rule over a colonized people cannot be stressed enough!

Indeed! It is for this reason that to the effects colonialism has had on the island of Puerto Rico need be repeated over and over again. Five hundred years and there are those who are so colonized that they fall to their knees when imperialist come calling. It is with the power of video, internet and other forms of social media that greater reach can be obtained when telling the story of Puerto Rico's colonial dilemma.

The latest project to make the attempt at raising awareness is one by director/producer Danny Ramirez. Ramirez' project is a documentary film entitled "Once Upon a Time in Puerto Rico".

The following video is courtesy the films Kickstarter page:

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Film project website--->
Coqui Jams: Artistic Expressions by Danny Ramirez

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