Friday, July 1, 2011

This is not an abandonment but rather a step into different pastures. I have, recently, begun posting to a new site I have entitled, "A Pitirre, Released." The reasoning is quite simple. I would prefer to maintain this blog for longer posts, those more in tune with the Puerto Rican universe. While the new site (at tumblr), will contain some similar content, it will contain content that is shorter, consist of lines of poetry, spoken word, quotes, videos, etc.

My intro, to A Pitirre, Released...

The Pitirre (spanish for the Gray Kingbird), is a fierce little bird found in the southernmost eastern US to Central American and Caribbean regions. Although small, it is one to defend its territory against some serious intruders.
And so, it is now that the bird, within me, that had been caged, is released. Now free and defending its territory.

The mind will not be a part of the wasteland!

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