Saturday, April 25, 2009

Latinos and Racism In the South

Here is something that really irks me and I'll vent by writing about it. I'll say it like my mother used to say, " Yo no tengo pelos en la lengua".

I started to read this article about low-income latinos in the south at us-puerto that really doesn't surprise me. This is probably nothing new to many of us Latinos/as (mi gente negra). I have personally been a victim of and/or felt some of this racist and stereotype crap too many times. After having served for so long in the U.S military and always being a hard working citizen, I have a right to be annoyed by this. These are the very same people who, I along with so many other latinos/as, have served (many have given their lives, Fallen Boricuas) to protect? I have probably served WITH some of them.

What a disgrace...I ask, Why is it, When I am at the local Home Depot, I get asked if I work there? (always by white people; don't get me wrong, I've met good folks of all nationalities), Why is it when I am at some department store the eyes seem to follow me like their glued to me? Is it a lack cultural understanding or just disrespect? Do you want me to go on? Books have been written about this very same crap?

Basta Ya!!
Enough already!!
Read the report at Southern Poverty Law Center.

A special thank you to us-puerto for the posting.

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