Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ramon Emeterio Betances Y Alacan

Born April 8, 1827 in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Ramon Emeterio Betances dedicated his life to the independence of Puerto Rico from Spanish rule. A physician, literate and politician with liberal views, Betances also struggled for the abolition of slavery.

At an early age, Betances was sent to school in France eventually earning a High School Diploma in Toulouse and medicine in the Universidad de La Sorbona in Paris.
Upon his return to Puerto Rico, he became involved with the struggle to end slavery and the seperation of Puerto Rico from Spanish rule. For his liberal views and actions, he was expelled from the island on several occasions ( Saint Thomas, Santo Domingo, Haiti, Venezuela, Curacao and New York).
He died on September 16, 1898 in France and his remains were brought back to his birthplace on August 5, 1920.
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