Friday, January 8, 2010

Mathias Brugman: A lesser known Compatriot

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mathius Brugman is one of the lesser known patriots of Puerto Rico's Independence Movement.

Born on January 3, 1811 to a father from Curaçao and a mother from Puerto Rico, the family would eventually settle in the City of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. Although successful in his business venture (a grocery store), Mathius would eventually become resentful of Spain's political injustices and an outspoken advocate for Puerto Rico's independence. Setting up meetings in his shop, a revolutionary committee was formed with a code name: "Capá Prieto" (Black Cape)(1)  .

On September 23, 1868, Puerto Rico's first major revolt against Spanish rule (El Grito de Lares) would begin and Mathius, his son and a fellow revolutionary would go into hiding. Seven days later, a farm worker, Francisco Qiñones would lead Spanish authorities to their hiding place. Their refusal to surrender would lead to their executions (September 30, 1868).

(1) "Capá Prieto" (Black Cape) While the translation is correct, thanks to a reader for providing me with a bit of information, the term refers to a tree native to the Antilles, Central America and the northern half of South America. Ref.- (1) (2)


  1. "Capa Prieto" is a tree, not a "Black Cape"

    Capá prieto se refiere a la especie de arbol nativo de Puerto Rico. Por favor fijate que la traduccion de "Black Cape" seria Capa Prieta.

  2. Mil gracias. He añadido información de referencia. También he añadido un enlace para obtener información adicional. Gracias de nuevo.