Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rice and Beans & Everything In-Between:...A book by David Cruz

I was given the opportunity to delve a little into the memoir of David Cruz and was extremely delighted by what I read. I found myself reflecting on my own youth realizing that growing up in The Bronx, as David did, was not much different than growing up in Brooklyn. One has to just sit back and enjoy the journey as he reflects on everything from shopping with his mother to the 80's, drugs and girls.

Of interest was this...
"A good analogy to describe my Puerto Rican heritage would be to equate myself to Wonder Bread. Looking at it straight on you see the white bread but if you look closer, you see a nice golden brown band hugging it; giving it its sweet taste and without the brown band around it, it would just be, well, . . . plain!"..David Cruz

The memories here mirrored many of my own as he writes of "Sabado Gigante! The Spanish show of shows!" or the exciting adolescent b-boy era (80's) with its rap, breakdancing and clothing..."if you wanted to be true Hip-Hop, you had to have the Adidas. Shell Top......they were part of the hip-hop uniform." David leaves no stone unturned and I am sure that at one point or another there is something here for every Latino to enjoy and reminisce about in their own lives.

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David writes " I’ve been married sixteen years and I still can’t understand my wife sometimes but at least I have HER number!" the book and you'll be able to understand where he's coming from.....Available through

Rice and Beans & Everything In-Between: One Puerto Rican's introverted observations from an otherwise extroverted life! (Kindle Edition)

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