Monday, January 11, 2010

Puerto Rico's...Situation?

Puerto Rico's current unemployment rate is very bleak (16.5%), to say the least, and looking at the horizon things don't seem like they will get any better. With government plans to lay off more public workers the reality is that of an emerging crisis.

As of late, the National Puerto Rican Coalition, Inc.(NPRC) has urged the President's Task Force on Puerto Rico's Status to develop a 'Government-Wide Marshall Plan'. The hope is that, after more than a century, the White House will recognize the need to move forward on the status issue while responding to the unemployment issue. Recognizing the need to move forward is one thing but the real challenge lies in the fact that the status issue has always been very divisive and not without a social and economic dependency on the U.S.
While there is always a need for leadership, there is a greater need for honesty. Only through an honest approach to the economic and status issue, that includes the well being of all the people, can progress begin. that a reality?

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