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Manuel Fernández Juncos

Born in Tresmonte, Spain on December 11, 1846 Manuel Fernandez Juncos was a poet and journalist. He was raised in Puerto Rico from early age , where he remained his entire life.

From an early age, he dedicated himself to journalism. He read and studied languages. He began writing for various newspapers and in 1877 he founded the newspaper ," El Buscapié". The weekly newspaper venture became so pupular, promoting education and well being, that he went on to found "Revista Puertorriqueña". Juncos also founded the Institución de Enseñanza Popular y la Biblioteca Municipal de San Juan (Popular Education and the Municipal Library of San Juan).

Fernandez Juncos joined and then became the secretary for the Autonomist Party, founded by Ramon Baldorioty de Castro. When Puerto Rico gained its short lived autonomy from Spain, Juncos became the first Secretary of State.

As a writer, he studied and wrote extensively about Puerto Rican roots. He wrote the lyrics to the Puerto Rican national anthem that is known today; written because the earlier lyrics were considered unfavorable. While not considered the best, this version was adopted into law by the Puerto Rican Legislature in 1952. In 1977, it was approved as the official lyrics to "La Borinqueña."

Fernandez Juncos died on August 18, 1928 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

La Borinqueña
Palabras por Manuel Fernández Juncos

La tierra de Borinquen
donde he nacido yo
es un jardín florido
de mágico primor.
Un cielo siempre nítido
le sirve de dosel
y dan arrullos plácidos
las olas a sus pies.
Cuando a sus playas llegó Colón
Exclamó lleno de admiración:
"Oh!, oh!, oh!, esta es la linda tierra
que busco yo".
Es Borinquen la hija, la hija
del mar y el sol,
del mar y el sol,
del mar y el sol,
del mar y el sol,
del mar y el sol.

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